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Calling All Matriarchs.

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Ellephant Parade Fellows will be selected through a competitive process.  Women who are professionals or aspiring professionals will be selected based upon proven qualities in addition to facing challenges often impacting women leaders.  These must be clearly articulated during the application process to determine how Ellephant Parade will best serve the needs of truly aspiring women leaders.


The core qualities of Ellephant Parade Fellows  include women aspiring to lead through demonstrated achievements, resilience, resourcefulness, use of talents, determination, positive influence, acceptance of challenges, and purpose driven in all areas of demonstrated leadership.


Ellephant Parade is designed to meet the needs of aspiring women leaders.  The women selected will participate in a cohort model and will have the opportunity to be sponsored by an accomplished woman leader that is devoted to uplifting fellows.  Sponsors provide support as fellows align their leadership journey with purpose.


Steps to Becoming an Ellephant Parade Fellow

Submit Letter of Interest 

Invitation to Apply

Application Submission

Application Review


Notification of Acceptance

Cohort Assignment



Ellephant Parade Sponsors are women who are living their leadership journeys in purpose and with a level of success that can be extended to aspiring women leaders.


Sponsors exhibit the core qualities expected of Ellephant Parade Fellows, however, sponsors should have experiences, expertise, and networks that will be extended to help pave the way for up and coming "matriarchs". 


Ellephant Parade is uplifting and sustaining the power of women's leadership.  As a sponsor, you will be living your purpose by helping to infuse our nation with matriarchal strengths and leadership.  Sponsors are assigned a fellow or fellows.  Sponsors are compensated for sponsoring aspiring Ellephant Parade Fellows.  

Steps to Becoming An Ellephant Parade Sponsor

Application Submission

Internal Review

Invitation to Interview

Sponsor Selection


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